Making Lunch, Changing Lives

Making Lunch, Changing Lives

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When school is out for the summer, children who rely on school meals for their primary nutrition are left without those reliable meals. In fact, there's 1.2 million children entiteld to free school meals in the UK and six weeks of the summer can put real stress on family budgets.

Sally* looks after her 9 year old neice and will be heading to Lunch again this summer, here's why...

"Lunch is so helpful. Money can be really tight when you have bills to pay especially. When you're faced with 6 weeks of the school holiday with kiddies needing things and wanting things you find yourself tearing your hair out and desperate for things to do.

Lunch makes a real difference we can come down here and get great food, really big portions and pudding which my daughter loves as she's alway hungry.

We had a leaflet from school and were both a bit unsure about coming down but it sounded like a good idea and sometimes you've just got to bite the bullet. Well, we came and made friends, even my daughter whose sometimes a bit shy but it has been great for her to meet new people, for both of us to".

Belinda* has three children aged 9,7 and 5. They first came to Lunch last Summer and haven't looked back.

We came to Lunch after we got a leaflet about it because we got free school meals and I was on my own with the children and it's really changed me, well it's changed us all.

It can be really difficult, in the holidays and it can be difficult for us to get out because my middle child has learning difficulties. But I came down to Lunch and met everyone who were really supportive of all of us. They gave me confidence that I was doing the rihgt thing as a parent and in fact I did a parenting course with them that really helped. Now the children do forest school and drama workshops, we're here all the time and I help in the kitchen, it's great.

I've met someone new since last summer and as he's in full time work we don't get benefits, we're worse off actually, it's a lot harder to pay for things but we'll still come to Lunch and even if I pay £1 for the children it's cheaper than I could feed them, or anywhere else I could take them. It's been a real God send.

Lunch is running in at Simply Limitless, Puxton Lane, Kidderminster each Monday - Thursday from 29th July to 15th August, from 12 -1:30pm. Details about other venues will be out soon.