Meals & More

Meals & More


This summer, three of our Lunch Kitchens participated in an exciting pilot project with Brakes. Brakes supply food and catering supplies to cateres across the UK, including to several school kitchens.

Meals & More is their new charity intiative which will see several of their suppliers partnering with our Lunch Kitchens to offer three years of financial support, low cost food supplies, volunteers and much more. MakeLunch are excited to be Brakes' primary delivery partner for this project.

Over the summer, Kitchens Ayrshire, Royston and Thurrock participated in an initial evaluation study carried out by the University of Northumbria. These Kitchens will be the first to be partnered with Brakes' suppliers to receive funding and the other support, before we roll it out to the other Kitchens across the network. 

For MakeLunch, having secure funding for our Kitchens for three years will make a huge difference, giving Lunch Makers the confidence to plan ahead and see room for growth. It'll also enable potential Lunch Makers who might otherwise have struggled for funding to be able to get started and feed the children in their local communities.


Brakes - Meals & More from Meals & More on Vimeo.