Meet the MakeLunch Team

Do you have questions about what we do and how you can be involved?  Contact us - we'd love to tell you more about MakeLunch and how we are filling the Holiday Hunger Gap, one Kitchen at a time.

Not sure who to contact? For general enquiries, email or call 07922 322036.




Joy Cowley | Head of MakeLunch | Email

Joy Cowloey is the head of MakeLunch.  Her passion and commitment for families and local commnities struggling with Holiday Hunger in the UK inspires our team and partners to continue to fight child poverty.


Steph Walker | Network Support & Communications | Email

Steph loves to encourage and inspire people, and you will see this in everything she does as she supports the community of MakeLunch Kitchens. You'll probably hear a lot from Steph if you get involved with MakeLunch. Steph tracks the stats and stories so we can make real change in policy- and shares those inspiring stories with our partners, supporters and anyone who will listen!


Elle Knight | Training Manager | Email

Elle originally started a Lunch Kitchen in 2012 while researching for an essay on child poverty - she decided that there’s no point researching an issue if you’re not prepared to do something about it!  She continues to lead her team at TLC: Grays Lunch Kitchen, as well as being on our national staff team, training our network of Partner Kitchens. 


Leah Lister | Operations Manager | Email

Hailing originally from the USA, Leah moved across the pond in 2011 and has been with MakeLunch since 2015.   Leah makes sure our operations are running smoothly and efficiently and helps connect our network of kitchens with the various funding resources we have available.


Hannah Widdows | Network Development  Coordinator | Email

Hannah worked for a number of years in the non-profit sector before joining our team at MakeLunch. She is passionate about seeing churches equipped to build relationships with those around them and serve the needs of their local community. Hannah is the first contact for anyone wanting to find out more about how to set up a MakeLunch Kitchen in their area. She'll walk you through the process of signing up and training to become a MakeLunch partner