Play your part

Here's Where You Come In

You've read the statistics, heard the stories. Holiday Hunger is a serious issue in the UK and it's not something we can ignore. If you've got this far, you're probably now thinking about what you could do. We think there are three main ways to get involved. 

1. Become A Supporter
Our supporters are a bunch of very lovely people who all agree that school holidays shouldn't mean empty fridges for children and their families. You can support us in all sorts of ways - by reading our newsletter, by telling our stories, by praying, by giving money or food or other useful things, or in all manner of other ways. 

Support MakeLunch

2. Volunteer At A Lunch Kitchen Near You
You might not want to run a whole Kitchen yourself but it takes a few people to make it all happen. Talk to Steph, our Kitchen Network Co-Ordinator to offer your wizard-like potato peeling skills, your table tennis prowess, your administrative ninja, your washing up gloves of glory or whatever your special skill happens to be. If there's a Kitchen near you, we'll put you in touch with them. If not, we'll work out the best plan for you. 

I Want To Help

3. Open A Lunch Kitchen In Your Community
Are you our next Lunch Maker? Lunch Makers are the superstars that get it all happening. They really do Make Lunch. Heroes, every one of them. Of course, it's not easy, but we're pretty sure they'd all tell you it's more than worth it. There's quite a lot to it so we've put together some information to get you thinking it through.

Give Me The Keys To The Kitchen