We’re grateful for your support

Even just being here reading our website means that you know about us and about the holiday hunger gap. If you’d like to support us further here’s a few things you can do…

Giving financially
They say that money makes the world go round. Maybe so, but at MakeLunch we try really hard not to be too reliant on it and we definitely don’t want a lack of it to stop us from doing stuff. But even so, it’s a fairly useful thing to have and if you’d like to support us financially we’d be hugely grateful. We’ll use it to help us tell more people about what we do, provide more training and resources for our Lunch Makers and to explore more ways we can make a difference. The easiest way is via our page.

Talk about us
Our dream is that there’ll be a Lunch Kitchen available in every community for every child who needs it. That’s a lot of kitchens. And storytelling is an important ingredient. It’s how we started and it’s how we grow. The more people you tell about MakeLunch, the more chance there is that one of those people might start a Lunch Kitchen in their community. We’ll keep telling the stories so you can keep spreading them. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

Give other stuff
Like we said, there’s more to life than money. Maybe you could give in other ways - by volunteering your time, by spending a Sunday afternoon chopping onions, by providing some suitable toys or games for your local Lunch Kitchen to use, by offering your skills. If you’re interested, drop us a line and we’ll help you match what you’re good at with what needs doing.

Corporate Giving
Maybe you’re here on behalf of a company or organisation. We’d love to explore partnering with you and your team - anything from giving staff time in a local kitchen, raising awareness, connecting us with suppliers, getting involved with fundraising and much much more. Take a look at our Corporate Responsibility Infopack (PDF) and  contact us to talk more about where we fit in your Corporate Social Responsibility policy and how things might work.

Grants and Donations
We’re hugely grateful for the financial support we’ve had so far from grant-making trusts. Block funding gives us a secure base from which to grow and expand, which in turn helps us to do more and to do it better. If you’re involved with a grant-making organisation and you’re interested in supporting MakeLunch we’d love to talk.

A big "thank you" to our corporate partners: