What we’re doing about it

So here's what we're doing about it...

It's quite a big thing really, 3.5 million children, a small budget and a 6 week summer holiday. What this needs is a simple solution.

Our Lunch Kitchens are run by volunteers, based in churches, community centres or sometimes school buildings. They operate on the understanding that one meal for one child makes a difference, which means that rather than feeling daunted by the scale of the issue, they can focus on providing what they can when they can. 

The Kitchens offer a free hot meal to children from low income families. They work together with the schools in their communities to make sure the families that need it the most get invited. Some of our Kitchens open every day of every school holiday, others might do a day a week, or pick a week or two to focus on. At some of the Kitchens, the children get involved with making the food. Others offer crafts, games and other activities. It varies from place to place, but the main aim is the same - providing meals to support families on tight budgets.

We provide training and support for all our Lunch Makers and before a Kitchen is approved by us, we make sure they've got everything covered including insurance, basic food hygeine, first aid and safeguarding. We also have a bunch of recommended recipes and menus to help make sure the meals our Kitchens are providing really are the best they can be.

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